LGTBIQCALUM+: m’estime, m’estimo, m’estim

It is already the month of LGTBI+ Pride and the Student’s Recreation Centre has wanted to join both the support and the claim for the rights of people of the collective.

That is why we wanted to adapt the activity and image of the Student’s Recreation Centre in the most appropriate way, so that everyone can feel included in these claims. Thus, as every year, we have raised the LGTBI+ Pride flag on the terrace of the third floor. In addition, we have received the Pride 2021 posters from the City Council of València and the LGTBI+ collective of València, Lambda, which we will hang on the first floor of the Student’s Recreation Centre and distribute to all the schools on campus.

In addition, this year we have organized activities to, beyond enhancing the visibility of the Pride, bet on its vindication. That is why, this Friday, will be organized by the collective DIVERSA UPV an information table on the rights of Trans and the collective in general. We have also prepared a LGTBI+ alphabet as slides that will be projected on the televisions on the first floor of the Student’s Recreation Centre. Finally, since it is possible that there may be errors of approach in our activities and we want to be self-critical about LGTBI+ realities in the Student’s Recreation Centre, you can send us an email to casalum@ddaa.upv.es in case you have any ideas or suggestions to make a more inclusive Student’s Recreation Centre.