2nd Floor

Ximo Mora room

This large room and a covered terrace, consists of 20 large tables. Its use is intended for individual or group work and for mounting exhibitions, and conferences.

Computer Room II

The use of this room is restricted to the implementation of projects, internships, jobs or different computer courses.

The classroom will be open at the specified time for free access, but if a program is desired in particular, must make a reservation.

This classroom has 25 computers.

Grades room

This room is intended as a meeting place available to students, associations, etc.

It is equipped with the same elements that the Board of Grades on the first floor, but also is equipped with a cannon fixed video, allowing the viewing of films.

Meeting room

Room equipped with table, chairs and 25 white board for multiple uses.

Room Fishbowl

Room equipped with table, chairs and 40 white board for multiple uses.