“En la UPV la basura orgánica ya no es como el resto” Campaing

Do you know what waste should be deposited in the brown garbage can? How much organic waste do you think university activities generate? Coinciding with the progressive appearance of the brown garbage cans on the Vera campus of the UPV, the university has organized an information campaign on these and other issues related to organic waste.

 The campaign will take place during the month of June and all members of the university community will be able to test their knowledge and get some of the prizes that will be distributed at the information points. Today, June 8, find one of these points on the first floor of the Student Recreation Centre from 10:30 to 14:30.

Circular Economy at Senegal Expo

The following exhibition arises from an international cooperation project developed in a rural area in northern Senegal, Ndioum Walo, which seeks to strengthen and improve agricultural and cooking techniques. The exhibition is based on four themes that aim to raise awareness, from different angles, of traditional cooking in northern Senegal, presenting its strengths and weaknesses. The cooking space and its characteristics, the cooking utensils and their cultural component, the process of cooking, handling and preparation of food and, finally, the diet and daily dishes that feed their homes.

LGTBIQ+ Pride Day 2022

It is already the month of LGTBIQ+ Pride and the Student Recreation Centre has wanted to join both the support and the demand for the rights of people of the collective.

That is why we wanted to adapt the activity and image of the Student Recreation Centre in the most appropriate way, so that everyone can feel included. Thus, as every year, we have raised the LGTBIQ+ Pride flag on the terrace of the third floor.

In addition, it coincides that the winning work of the annual painting contest of the Student Recreation Centre is related to the LGTBIQ+ collective, and the vindication of the rights of all people, especially those of the collective, regardless of their sexual orientation.

XVII Photography and Painting Contest | Jury’s Decision

From Monday the 31st to the 17th of June, the selected and awarded works will be exhibited in the hall on the ground floor of La Casa del Alumno.

A period of 10 days is established, from May 31 to June 9, to present arguments against the proposed resolution.



First Place

Student: Manuel Pozo Pulido

Títle: “¿Qué soy?”


Second Place

Student: Lucía Cassiraga

Title: Untitled


Selected Works










First Place

Student: Miguel Ángel Navarro Rodríguez

Title: “The present is female”


Second Place

Student: Mesner Edu Sosa Rivera



Third Place

Student: El Mehdi Belmejjad

Title: Untitled


Selected Works

Expo “Itinerarios de cooperación. Una historia de vida y superación en Ghana”

From May 8 to 21 will be available in the hall of the Student Recreation Centre the photographic exhibition “Itinerarios de cooperación. Una historia de vida y superación en Ghana”. In addition, on May 13 at 6:30 p.m there will also be a round table discussion at the Student Recreation Centre (Ximo Mora Room) dealing with topics related to the exhibition.