UPV Blood Donor Day 2022

On Wednesday, November 16, the UPV Blood Donor Day will be held, during that day the ground floor of the Student Recreation Centre will be enabled to make a massive donation. The schedule will be from 09:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

The aim is to make the university community aware of the lack of blood in the blood bank and the importance of donating for times of need. Daily 650 units of blood are needed to provide service in Valencian hospitals.

All volunteers of this activity must perform a 2-hour training workshop, on Wednesday, November 9, in Room Grades 1, in the Student House, from 12:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. If you have already done the workshop in previous years it is not necessary to come, although it is recommended to update and to participate in the organization on the 16th.

The main task of the volunteers is to support the dissemination and information to donors, to promote the activity to increase the donation.

And remember that all volunteer activities, move to a summation of hours of participation in the volunteer platform to then be able to recognize credits of free configuration.

It is necessary to register through the following platform.

Halloween at the Students Recreation Centre

From October 29 to November 2, the Student House will be decorated for the celebration of Halloween.

Come see the decoration!

Take a photo with the decoration of the building, share us on Instagram and collect your sweets at the Point of Attention.

Do not miss it!


Autumn is here and so is the 10th BP Interpoli tournament

DebateUPV welcomes October with the celebration of the 10th BP Interpoli Tournament. On 30, 1 and 2 October, the UPV hosted one of the most important tournaments for the debate club of our university. This great annual event,
welcomes more than 60 people from all over Spain, with the participation of great figures in the world of debate such as Sonia Khalifa and Raúl Viñas, runners-up in the world. With a financial prize of up to 450€ and a reach of more than 200 followers, the participants are immersed in a fierce competition to become champions. A dynamic weekend
full of arguments and ideas. Start the autumn, debate and win!


Exhibition of the 5th edition of the Photography and Sculptural Heritage Workshop of the UPV

From 15 September to 7 October, the Student Recreation Center hosted the opening of the exhibition of the 5th edition of the Photography and Sculptural Heritage Workshop of the UPV.

The exhibition, curated by Ignacio Yusim, brings together a selection of photographs by the students of the workshop “Photography and Sculptural Heritage of the UPV”, which this year celebrates its fifth edition.

The purpose of this exhibition is to reflect the characteristic landscape of the university campus, where sculptures coexist in the landscaped areas.

The exhibition can be visited on the ground floor of the Student Recreation Center.