Recognition Event for UPV volunteers 2024

On Thursday, June 12th, a recognition event for UPV volunteers took place on the ground floor of the Student Recreation Center, aiming to highlight the activities carried out by this group.

The event was led by Vice-Rector Salomé Cuesta and included participation from various UPV departments and services, as well as some of the NGOs with which volunteer activities have been conducted.

Colombia Diversa Concert

Next Wednesday, June 19th at 8:00 PM, a concert of Colombian folk music will take place in the Ximo Mora Hall at the Casa del Alumno.

The concert will be led by Robinson Giraldo Villegas and will feature Juan Camilo Reyes as the accompanying pianist.

The Casa del Alumno encourages everyone to attend the concert. Admission is free!

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The concert saw a large attendance, many of whom were from Colombia, eager to seize the opportunity to hear music from their country live. Below, we share some photographs from the event.

Awards Ceremony 19th Artistic Creation Contest

Today at 12:30 PM, the awards ceremony for the 19th Artistic Creation Contest was held in the hall of the Student Recreation Center. The event was attended by the authors of the selected works and some members of the jury.

After the awards were handed out, members of the rector’s team addressed the attendees. Finally, the participants showed their works to the jury and the rest of the attendees.

Fotovoz Journey

Last Monday, June 10, the presentation of the Fotovoz project exhibition took place in the computer room of the Student Recreation Center. This initiative by the UPV’s Institute of Educational Sciences is based on constructing collective narratives through photographs taken by UPV students from various educational contexts.

The event was well-received, and refreshments were served at the end.

XIX Artistic Creation Contest: Jury’s Decision

After evaluating all the submitted works, the jury has decided to award the prizes to the following works and has also selected several for the exhibition that will be held at the Student Recreation Center from Monday, June 10 to Friday, June 28, in the lobby of the ground floor of the building.

A period of 10 days, from May 28 to June 6, is established to present objections to the proposed resolution.

Physical Modality

First Prize

Student: Juan Garch Pérez

Title: “De Prácticas”


Second Prize

Student: Lucía Cassiraga

Title: “Por la Paz”


Third Prize

Student: Belinda García Guinmerá

Title “Apertura de Pájaro”


Selected Works



                                                                                             Student: Alejandro Moreno Terré                                  Student: Paula López Vallinas

                                                                                              Title: “Somos”                                                                        Title: “Cien Años”


Modalidad Digital

First Prize

Student: María Burguera Reig

Title: The Sound of Flowers


Second Prize

Student: Laura Merayo Neira

Title: “Me Mancas”


Third Prize

Student: Siyi Jiang

Title: “Ardiente Rosa”



Selected Works:

Student: Carla Haba Longas

Title: “Marte Gaussiano”


Student: Alejandro Moreno Terré

Title: “Av. Insurgente”

UPV trophy: eSports

Today, May 23, 2024, the eSports competition (video games) corresponding to the UPV trophy was held on the ground floor of the Student Recreation Center. This event brings together students and professionals from different schools and faculties to compete in various sports offered.

Participants in this eSports category can compete in the following video games: FC24, NBA 2K23, FORMULA 1, and JUST DANCE. They will be at the Student Recreation Center from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM.