Images FICAE activity. Short film “Valentina”

cartel sorteo_2As announced in the previous post, here we are the story of the projection “Valentina” to re-think chauvinistic buildings and prevent its spread and its dramatic consequences with students of the UPV, in collaboration with the delegations of Students of the UPV and Casa de l’aLUMNE.

A very enriching session, thanks for sharing #‎FICAE‬ #‎CasaDelAlumno this vision. An interesting topic to understand the daily situation faced by women in the world, throughout history and today.

Thanks for students also participate in the discussion after the screening of “Valentina”, addressing issues such as the #‎ViolenciaDeGénero‬, the#‎control‬ #‎RedesSociales‬ or assistance with students, PAS / PDI, and workers in general to have a response to a situation of violence in the #‎UPV‬.

Here you have a series of photographs of this session and the winners of the draw for a pair of sneakers # Munich, well deserved, for attending the event:
Fortunate Congratulations!

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2FICAE, International Short Film Festival and Art Diseases / UPV [VALENCIA, 1 to 5 MARCH 2015]

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Silent terrorism
Thursday March 3, 2016 | 11:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Film and education. With students from the UPV, in collaboration with the delegations of Students of the UPV and the Casa de l’ALUMNE to rethink sexist constructions and prevent its spread and its dramatic consequences.cartel sorteo_2

Therefore we accompany the presentation of the film “Valentina” (Documentary, 15 ‘, Denmark, Nike Ossler and Amanda Nilsson):

  • Rosa Mª Hernández Cerda, technical for Equality, Equality Unit, Vicerectorat Social Responsabilitat, Cooperació i Esport, Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Laura Yustas, PhD in Fine Arts UPV and research on art and feminism located.

Students who attend the activity, to participate in the draw for two pairs of walking shoes Munich. A pair of slippers for boys and other for girls. The draw will take place at the end of the activity

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Day for the Elimination of Gender Violence

Series of videos made by the Study Group on Gender Violence Researchers: Juan Vicente Aliaga, Martina Bottle, Empar Cubells, Mau Monleón, Carmen Navarrete; Camera and post-producnuevo_25Nction: Ramona Rodriguez, with the collaboration of Lorenacnuevo_25N Cea; and participation amigxs alumnxs and School of Fine Arts.

Production: UPV, and Resource Recovery Program sets I + D + i of VLC / CAMPUS and has been funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, as part of the Campus of International Excellence Program

Acknowledgements: Faculty of Fine Arts and Sculpture Department of Fine Arts of Valencia Polytechnic University of Valencia.









La Vicerrectora de RSCD, Rosa Puchades, y la profesora responsable Carmen Navarrete.

Christmas at the student’s home

On the occasion of the holidays the student’s home has been decorated with Christmas decorated the house, between the decorated Christmas tree stands and nativity scene.

Sweepstakes International Day of AIDS / HIV

Friday December 4 draw four jumpers among all those involved surveying these days to mark the International Day to Combat AIDS / HIV, the draw will be held in the Board Room of the House held Student at 13:30.


The draw, in the Board Room of the student’s home, students graced with a sweatshirt from the Polytechnic University of Valencia are:

  • Roberto Arzo Martí          ETSICCP
  • Adrian del Hoyo sang      ETSICCP
  • Nuria Fernandez Chair   ETSII
  • Ana Planes Martinez       ETSIT

The graceful students must go through the office activities Student House to pick up your sweatshirt UPV.

Thank you very much to all participants in the contest, and remind you that prevention is the best tool against Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Rapid Test HIV

On Wednesday December 2 is made in the student’s home rapid tests for HIV / AIDS to anyone who wants to free and anonymous.

30% of people with HIV do not know how about you, you have doubts? If you have had any relationship at risk, get tested for HIV / AIDS.

The reasons to get tested:interrogante_vector

  • For you.
  • For your partner.
  • For your family.
  • For everyone

Risk Assessment:

  • You have sex with vaginal penetration, anal without a condom.
  • It is broken like a condom in sexual intercourse.
  • You have not always used a condom during sex from start to finish.
  • You have had sex under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.
  • You have multiple sexual partners.
  • You have consumed sniffed or injected drugs.

If you answer yes to any of the above statements or if you raise questions, get tested for HIV / AIDS. It is important.


InternationalDay to Combat HIV

To mark the International Day for the fight against AIDS, from the student’s home UPV, we will perform different activities to inform the university community about the risks and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.Oficial_UPV

On November 18 a talk / workshop on prevention of sexually transmitted infections, in which students participated campaign volunteers was conducted.

From 23 November to 4 December will be distributed on the main floor an exhibition on “Sexually Transmitted Infections” with information about each of these infections as well as the risks and treatments.
There will also be volunteering with the campaign “Healthy Carret” where promotional and informative material was distributed. Students who come to Carret Healthy, may participate in the draw for the UPV sweatshirts.
Do not you know what you expose yourself when you keep unprotected sex? with the Information that divided the volunteers, we will resolve those doubts. Do not cut! Come to ask Carret Healthy!
On Thursday December 2 rapid test was performed to detect HIV (Student House, Entrepreneur Space, from 10:00 to 14:00)
you have doubts? Do you think you might have HIV? Take the test in less than 30 minutes have the results. It is anómino and confidential.
When in doubt, get tested. This activity will be coordinated by the Technical Information Center and AIDS Prevention (Valencia)





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