Sweepstakes International Day of AIDS / HIV

Friday December 4 draw four jumpers among all those involved surveying these days to mark the International Day to Combat AIDS / HIV, the draw will be held in the Board Room of the House held Student at 13:30.


The draw, in the Board Room of the student’s home, students graced with a sweatshirt from the Polytechnic University of Valencia are:

  • Roberto Arzo Martí          ETSICCP
  • Adrian del Hoyo sang      ETSICCP
  • Nuria Fernandez Chair   ETSII
  • Ana Planes Martinez       ETSIT

The graceful students must go through the office activities Student House to pick up your sweatshirt UPV.

Thank you very much to all participants in the contest, and remind you that prevention is the best tool against Sexually Transmitted Infections.