It’s here the 16th edition of painting and photography contest!

As every year, the Student Recreation Centre wants to recognize and make visible the creativity of the students of the UPV. In this way, we invite you to participate in the XVI Painting and Photography contest of Student Recreation Centre.

Below you can see all the necessary information to present your proposal.

“Due to the recent situation caused by COVID-19, it’s expected a possible extension to the participation period. In that case, it will be published on the web page and social networks as soon as we have knowledge of it.”

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Hard-working Woman 2020

Hard-working Woman 2020

It has been made during the first week of March an exposure with portraits of influential women in the history, to celebrate the equality of gender and woman´s right day.

Along the history, a lot of women have invested big endeavours and have made a costly fight for achieving a space stood out in a world that apparently was used to to be dominated by men.
Numerous advances and habits have provided a change along the years thanks to this endeavour that, of different ways, has marked a before and an afterwards.

In honour to all they and the rest of fighting women, to celebrate the equality of gender and the Day of the Hard-working Woman, during the first week of March in the House of the Student will be able to enjoy of an exposure with portraits of some influential women in the history.

Exposition “El Salvador”

The exposure develops from photographs and audiovisual pills, in which 6 protagonists show us through his vivencias personal, the different problematic in which it is sumido the country like the violence of gender, the political violence or the fault of use.

The last technology also is present in the exposure. An experience 360 allows us approach us of form vivencial to the activities of CESAL and to the profits that generates on the young population in The Saviour.

🔸  Ilustrísima Sra. MARÍA CONSUELO ANGULO LUNA – General director of International Cooperation to the Development of the Generalitat

🔸  Ilustrísima Sra. MARÍA BELÉN CARDONA RUBERT – Autonomic Secretary of Cooperation and Democratic Quality

Rosa Puchades Pla – Vice-chancellor of Social Responsibility and Cooperation UPV

Alberto Pla – Photographer (author of the expo)

José Fernandez Crespo – Director of External Relations of  CESAL (NGO)
Cristina Celda – Director of the Foundation Mainel

Thanks to the collaboration of Mainel y Cesal.


Photos 27 February  2020



Hyperloop UPV: Designing the future of transport?

Elon Musk hopes to revolutionise public transport with Hyperloop – a system capable of speeds of more than 1200 kilometres per hour with zero emissions.

Musk’s company Space X is running a student competition to advance the technology.

Hyperloop UPV, a team from the Politechnical University of Valencia in Spain, are working round the clock testing all the key components of their pod, which they hope will propel them to victory.


Link to video: Aquí


Photo exhibition “Inspire Change” – Manos Unidas

Yesterday, January 25, we inaugurated in the Hall of the Casa de l’Alumne the photo exhibition “Inspira el Cambio”, organized by the NGO Manos Unidas Valencia. It portrays stories of people from all over the world who take measures to care for our planet and the people who live in it, through sustainable models of consumption and production of food and energy.



Events of the Center for Development Cooperation

From Monday 22 to May 26, you will be able to see in the lobby of the first floor of the Student’s Recreation Center the poster exhibition and the photographic exhibition “Snapshots of cooperation” by students of the UPV who enjoyed the scholarship Which was offered by the Center for Development Cooperation.

In addition, on May 26 the CDC organizes in the Student House the annual meeting of projects and practices of development cooperation where scholarship students can tell their experience among other activities.

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Exhibition of Public Tactics

Mau Monleón with his students bring us from the subject Tactics of intervention of public art an exhibition from May 16 to May 26 in the lobby of the second floor.

The exhibition deals with issues such as identity, new urban spaces, the mandates of heterotopic genres that are provoking globalization or censored homosexuality.

Exposición Tácticas Públicas