Art Workshop in Africa

The 25th of April in the Ximo Mora Room of the Student’s Recreation Center we attend a sample of percussion, dance, gastronomy and intercultural conversation with the purpose of knowing and approaching both the artistic and social sphere of Africa.

This activity was coordinated by Faty Dembel as representative of Ker Casa África and Rosa Ma. Martínez of the Department of Audiovisual Communication, Documentation and History of Art.


Fallas DAUPV 2017

cartel sorteo_2

Today in the Student’s Recreation Center you can enjoy the fallero spirit of fallas. Live with us an inaugural track, then a globotà and finally you can enjoy a chocolate with Valencian (cupcake) and all this With the presence of falleras!. Event organized by the Delegation of UPV Students.

We are already in fallas!


Maps for the eco-transition

The first day of the month of March Héctor Conesa in an exhibition of Environmental Education where it is about raising awareness among the population about responsible and ecological consumption with the aim of a change and an improvement in our environment.

The topics dealt with from fair trade, ecological agriculture, sustainable cities, recycling among many others.

With the collaboration of José Albelda and Pepa Méndez (Exhibition curators), UPV Environmental Unit, organized by DESEEA and sponsored by the Cultural Activities Area (PAAC).


Migration Debate

Yesterday, February 28 gathered at the Student’s Recreation Center: València Acull, Doctors of the World and Open Arms to tell us the precarious situation that thousands of people during the migration.

The purpose of this debate is to inform us about the actions that are carried out, the denunciation of the terrible irregularities of the trip and the increase of the conscience and sensitivity on the subject.


Wikipedia Editatón: International Women’s Day in science


Wikipedia Spain held an event at the Polytechnic University of Valencia on the edition of articles, specifically worked on the issues related to the role of women in science and technology in the long history.

The event will take place at the Student House on Thursday, February 9, 2017 from 10am to 3pm. For this have been edited editors recognized by Wikipedia.


Exhibition Researchers in light and light technologies

It is a fact that women throughout history has been relegated to anonymity, this exhibition is just about making visible the role of women in the scientific field and the light talking about everything that contributed to this field. From Monday February 6 until February 10 we will have the opportunity to enjoy this exhibition at the Student House.


Kirk Douglas Centennial Tribute

From La Casa del Alumno we want to pay homage to the actor Kirk Douglas, because the next day December 9th will be 100 years old.

For this purpose a display case will be mounted on the ground floor of the Student House, with all the material in the UPV Library on it, decorated with posters and photos of the actor.
It is intended primarily to render affection to the actor, and above all to serve the students to introduce themselves and to know the classic cinema.