Welcome Day ESN Valencia UPV

Welcome Day February

On February 6th took place the «Welcome Day» organised by Erasmus Student Network Valencia UPV in the Student Recreation Center, where welcomed the students of exchange of the 2nd semester with music in direct and paella.

In this event the students have been able to enjoy a relaxed and suitable morning to start new friendships and learn about all the activities and services offered by ESN.

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Exposition ODS

The project proposes an increase of the awareness and commitment of the Valencian citizenship in the achievement of the Aims of Sustainable Development (ODS), fixed by the UN, through an itinerant exposure by the province of Valencia, made in collaboration with the Máster of graphic design and illustration of the Universitat Polytechnical of València.

Inauguration with the Máster of Graphic Design and Illustration’s collaboration

Tuesday 4


👉 Sign Language Introduction👈

This new course of language of signs has like aim the basic learning of the tongue of signs.

  • The classes will impart the Mondays and the Wednesdays in the afternoon, of 15:30 to 18.00 hours.
  • The dates of the course are: 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24 and 26 February; 2 and 4 March.

You can choose more information on this file:

Information Sign Language

Global Game Jam UPV

Global Game Jam UPV

During the days 31 January, 1 and 2 February, made by the Club of the Video game a Game Jam.

In this 1st edition of “Global Game Jam 2020”,  the participants have been able to put in practical his knowledges, creating some video game from zero and in just 48 hours. Finally, after a lot of work, they had made incredible and fun games, with so short time available. Congratulations to all!


Club del Videojuego UPV



Photographic exposure “10 years of Fallas in pictures”

Photographic exposure “10 years of Fallas in pictures”

Among the days 13 and 24 January will expose in the low plant of the House of the Student a series of photographs related with the event of Fail them in Valencia.

The day 13 January to the 20:00 it will make the inauguration of the event, presented by Ana Maria Gómez Aroca, fallera of Falla L´Alguer.



On the opening day, different authorities participated in the event, such as:

Fallera mayor de Valencia – Consuelo Llobell.
Fallera mayor de la falla de la Universitat Politècnica de València – Cueva Santa Cerezo Palao
Presient de la falla de la Universitat Politècnica de València – Juan S. Ortiz Juan
Vicerector – Juan Miguel Martínez Rubio Humano
Program director “Hablemos de Fallas” en la UPV-RADIO – Roberto Gómez
Exhibition curator –  Javier Mozas Hernando