Exhibition “UPV Sculptural Campus Museum: 50 years recreating spaces”

Today, Thursday, June 20, the Student Recreation Centre has hosted the inauguration of the Exhibition “UPV Sculptural Campus Museum: 50 years recreating spaces.

The exhibition, curated by Ignacio Yusim and Susana Martín, collects a selection of photographs of the students of the workshop “Photography and sculptural heritage of the UPV”, which this year celebrates its third edition.

The purpose of this exhibition is to reflect the characteristic landscape of the university campus, where the sculptures coexist in the garden areas.

The exhibition can be visited.


Public Tactics 06


Mau Monleón Pradas



Ana Ferriols Montañana

Anaïs Neveu

The Mediocre

Mireia Coronado Sanchez

Paula Verdú Valero

Sandra Bolufer Ballester

Berta Guixot Blay

Sara Fornés

Alejandro López

Marta Ruiz Anguera

Miquel Falgàs

Alejandra Jiménez

Pedro Sánchez

Josep Sanz Beneyto

Xenia Benítez

Sofia Godoy

Nuria González

Carolina Garrido

Victoria Herranz

María Céspedez Díaz


The exhibition Public Tactics 06 / Ecosystems / Leisure / Citizenship, which is presented in the student’s home, includes a total of twenty-six artists who have worked individually and collectively in the framework of public art, the public sphere and intervention in space public.

Public Tactics 06 belongs to a series of exhibitions curated by Mau Monleón Pradas, whose characteristic is that guerrilla tactics of communication are used to act in the public space. Advertising, drift, psychogeography, fake, sniping, subversive affirmation, deterioration of the image, or collaborative work are some of these tactics that question the notion of territory and propose an ethics from citizenship.

Site-specific interventions have been carried out in the city of Valencia, which in the exhibition are shown as documentation -non-site, covering specific topics ranging from gender violence, the use of inclusive language, ecofeminism and the exploration of nature. , gentrification, the real estate boom and the exploitation of the territory.

It is worth mentioning the collaboration that has been carried out with IDENSITAT through Roser Colomar, who has carried out a workshop that has resulted in the realization of a series of posters dealing with leisure ecosystems.

Leisure is one of the fundamental concepts in our globalized society since all our time is divided into leisure time and work time, and both complement each other, provide mutual feedback, and are economically productive.

The capitalist society is forging an idea of ​​leisure that is fundamentally consumerist and that does not have that it does not treat its free time as such, but it turns it into a programmed time through large surfaces in which to consume, as are the postmodern shopping centers , the spaces destined purely for leisure as theme parks, as well as the events that take place temporarily to occupy spaces.

In this sense, art in general, and public art in particular, plays a fundamental role in the conceptualization and questioning of our leisure society, since art can act in the public space to generate a social revulsion as well as from the activism to model or modify some of our perceptions or behaviors in space and the public sphere.

For example, the situationist concept of drift and also psychogeography is very important, because these two concepts advocated by Guy Debord help us to turn around the perception we have of our programmed leisure time and formulate a meeting space where we can re-exist free play and where you can try again to enjoy a full life, not mediated or scheduled.

The new communication technologies are precisely hindering this enjoyment of free time, constituting a saturation of impulses on our free time that border on addiction and disease mediated by video games, connectivity and hyperconnectivity in social networks.

In this sense, the projects presented here have reacted in a very receptive and sensitive way to all these issues that are structuring our lifetimes.

Some projects are focused on the tourist attractions of the city of Valencia such as the City of Arts and Sciences or the Oceanographic, the promenade and beaches, the historic center and monuments, faults and gastronomy.

Several works focus on gentrification, especially the historic center, but there are also more playful responses that focus on what is the normalization of the use of leisure spaces, in which are the rules that govern these spaces; the prohibitions and the conditions under which these spaces can be used.

There have been drifts in different neighborhoods of Valencia such as Benimaclet or El Cabanyal, and in some of them maps and cartographies have been made of their markets, parks and emblematic places. There has even been a comparison between the number of square meters of recreational endowments that are available in different communities, such as Valencia, which would have 60% less square meters for each Valencian person than a Madrilenian.

Several projects in the exhibition include a feminist and ecofeminist perspective, contributing a gender perspective in all its aspects and in a transverse way.



On Wednesday, May 22, the exhibition of the winning and selected works of the XV Photography and Painting Contest Casa del Alumno was inaugurated.

You can visit the exhibition until June 14 in the hall of the Student Recreation Centre.

The award ceremony will be on June 13 at 11: 00h in the hall.


XV Photography and Painting Contest | Jury’s decision

From May 22nd to June 14th, 2019, the works selected and awarded at the XV Painting and Photography Contest will be displayed in the foyer on the ground floor The Student Recreation Centre.


First prize


Student: Natalia Tomás Segovia
Title: Untitled


Second prize


Student: Miguel Tinoco Domínguez
Title: “Inferno”



Accesít mención de honor


Student: Edoardo Ettorre
Title: Untitled


Selected works

Mar Roca Macián-Matriarcat a la terrassaAlex Sola MoraguesJoan Estellés López-Conciencia. Homenaje al cantante Chusterfiel Cristina Sáez Sanchez-Naranja Valenciana Alejandro Gambín Vicente-Lo anónimo en la masa María Albert Ramón-Fins la Pink Panter Miguel Falgàs González-Color Gradient nº XVII Miguel Angel Navarro Rodríguez-Palimpsesto Mexicano. La jornada de esperanza Alba María Cobo Conde


First prize


Student: Miguel Ángel Navarro Rodríguez
Title: Serie Trabajadores en el zócalo: I, mañana

Second prize


Student: Iván Herrero Durá

Vive el campus

Student:  Roberto Javier Cantero Romero

Selected works

Aitana Sempere Navalón -retrato de lo cotiano Aitana Sempere Navalón-Retrato de lo cotidiano Vicent Machí Álvarez Vicent Machí Álvarez Sara Flórez De Quiñones Gómez-Imágenes Desnudas Sara Flórez De Quiñones Gómez-Imágenes Desnudas Miguel Angel Navarro Rodríguez-De la Serie Trabajadores en el zócalo: II,tarde María del Carmen Fontestad-Fenollosa María Carmen Fontestad-Fenollosa Iván Herrero Durá Fernando Sánchez Mercader-Naturaleza Hallada I Cristina Concepción Gil - Domingo de pesca Cristina Bartual Murgui-Aproximación a lo cercano Alfredo Roig Morales-Cantábrico y Mediterráneo Alfredo Roig Morales-Cantábrico y MediterráneoAlba Roca MaciánAlba Roca Macián

Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum – e2 UPV 2019 Forum

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 10, both member of the companies participating in the UPV Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum, the Delegation of Students and representatives of the Polytechnic University of Valencia could share an evening enlivened with music in a dinner-cocktail.

The e2 Forum will take place on the 10th and 11th of April, on the central boulevard of the UPV Campus and gives students the opportunity to get in touch with real companies.

Informative table on the European Parliament

The Student’s House, along with the entire Polytechnic University of Valencia joins the campaign This time a vote promoted by the European Union within the framework of the European Parliament Elections, which will take place on May 26. This campaign encourages European citizenship in general and the young vote in particular, to participate in elections for elections in the European Parliament, to actively engage in public debate and information on the functioning of the European Union and its agencies.


So, until May 26 to get more information.


You can also check the website  www.estavezvoto.eu