8M in La Casa del Alumno

The Student’s Recreation Centre together with the UPV Student Delegation joins the demands of March 8, Women’s Day. With this campaign we wanted to make visible those women who had to hide their true identity under masculine pseudonyms to see their work valued.

Karen Blixen, Hedy Lamarr, Lise Meitner or Ángela Ruiz Robles are some of these women forgotten by history, and yet, in one way or another, they marked their development.

How to stimulate your creativity?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6, Vicente Marco will give a creative writing workshop in the Sala de Grados 1 of The Student House Recreation at 6:30 p.m. The workshop is free entry until full capacity is reached.

Vicente Marco is a novelist, storyteller, dramatist and creative writing workshop teacher, has published eight novels, two compilations of stories, two plays and two writing manuals. His plays have been performed in different Spanish cities, in Santo Domingo and Mexico.

As a storyteller and as a playwright, he has won over fifty literary awards, including the Tiflos, Jaén and Valencia novel awards, the Unamuno, Julio Cortázar, Alberto Lista, Huchas de oro, counting and Fray Luis de León theater prizes.


The Sala Ximo Mora of La Casa del Alumno hosts the seminars organized by the Kobea & Ko association. This initiative aims to show the university community the diversity, traditions, values ​​and cultural richness of the African countries of the North West Africa region and the social reality of the Africans who live in the Valencian Community. In addition, its intention is to promote participation in the groups for greater social integration.

   This activity is a song to the values ​​of coexistence, integration, knowledge, education and respect.


Tuesday, March 5

10: 00H Inauguration of the exhibition Journey to Africa

Selection of musical instruments, clothing, fabrics, utensils, masks and photographs from the North West Africa region that will be on display from March 5 to 7 in the Sala Ximo Mora of the UPV Student House.

11:00 – 13: 00H Sample of traditional rhythms and dances from the North West region of Africa and African Gospel

Sample of rhythms and dances from the North West Africa region, as well as songs and African gospel typical of the churches of Ghana.

Dauda Diagne Musician of Kora. Guest musician from Senegal.

Richard Kobena Musician and dancer from Ghana

Abdul Rahaman. Play the Afirikyiwa instrument that marks the rhythm of Ghana.

Patrick Sam Johnfiah. African from Ghana. Sing African gospel and play the keyboard.

Muhamed Sene. Dancer of Senegal.

Students and students of the African dance class of the Polytechnic University of


Wednesday, March 6

10: 00H Presentation Travel to Africa. Guided tour by Africans from Valencia.

Richard Kobena (President Asoc. Kobena & Ko), members of the Ghana Association in Valencia and citizens of the African community residing in Valencia will present their work for the integration of the African Community in Valencia and to raise awareness of the culture of African countries to the citizenship of the Valencian Community.

10: 30H Experiences of Africans in Valencia.

Africans residing in Valencia will present their experiences of integration and coexistence in the Valencian Community, as well as students of African origin (children of Africans, students, …) will present their points of view.

Anthony Mensah African from Ghana residing in Valencia. Guest lecturer

Ishmael Ahadije PhD student from Ghana at the UPV.

11: 00H Experiences of Africans in other European countries.

With the help of Addison, a Ghanaian musician living in Denmark, as a guest lecturer, he will tell us about his experience as a musician in Europe and the life of Africans in Denmark.

11: 30H The work of citizen platforms, associations and NGOs with the African community.

Integration, coexistence, respect and education.

Amparo Sepulcre Cirujeda (PAS UPV) and Elena García Maquilón will show their

collaborative experiences in Africa and more specifically in Ghana.

Serafina Raimundo Marco of the association Together with Senegal for a better future.


12: 30H Closing and conclusions. What can we do in our city? An appeal to university collaboration and the approach between cultures.

Ludivine Chulio Guillem. ACCEM technician.

Ana Isabel Matínez. President of València is a refugee and human rights activist.

Other entities: RED CROSS

Demystifying HIV

Today, Thursday, February 28, the Student Recreation Center has hosted a round table organized by Diversa, the LGBT + collective of the UPV, in which attendees have talked about HIV and the myths and false beliefs that surround it.

This round table is included in the framework of a cycle of activities that will end on March 28 with a workshop on gays in the 80s.

V UPV Debate Tournament and XV UPV Debate Tournament

Today has finished the V Torneig de Debat UPV and the XV Debate Tournament of the UPV. In this edition, the speakers and speakers will debate around the following question: should the surrogacy be legalized?

If you have stayed with the desire to participate do not hesitate to ask for information to the UPV debate group, you can receive training and advice from oratory experts from different professional fields.

Website of the UPV Debate Club: http://generacionespontanea.upv.es/portfolio-items/club-de-debate-upv/

Facebook: Debat UPV

Twitter: @DebatUPV

Instagram: @debat_upv

Volunteering in Zambia

Talk about volunteering in Zambia

Last Thursday, February 21, he visited the Casa del Alumno David Sanchez Soto, graduated in architecture and former student of the UPV, to explain the experience of his volunteering during the last six months in Zambia and the previous training to it.

David has collaborated together with Roser Maura, with the CICD (School for International Cooperation and Development), DAPP NHQ and CHILD AID in carrying out three projects.

The first project realized during his stay was to improve the facilities of the Nakamabala Approved School, a government school that welcomes young people between 8 and 19 years who have committed some crime. The main objective of DAPP is to give children access to programs to improve their social skills.

The second project was developed in the Nampundwe Child Aid, where they collaborated with the communities of Nampundwe, Makombwe, Kalundu and Milandu to carry out evaluations, rehabilitation of the installation and construction of toilets and prepare teachers for 13 of the 20 nurseries in the area.

In the third project, they collaborated with SARAI, a DAPP project that focuses on promoting sexual health and family planning through educators and with the active participation of young people from the communities. During their stay, they visited some of the Ndole clinics and participated in activities organized by the clinics related to raising awareness about HIV and other STDs and the creation of safe spaces where young people can openly discuss these issues.

Valentine 2019

Valentine 2019

This year the Student Recreation Centre along with the Delegation of Students, has decided to dedicate Valentine’s Day to Marcela and Elisa, who were married in 1901 by the church, passing one of them for a man. Technically it was the first marriage between two women in Spain. In Twitter thread format, we wanted to remember this story to vindicate the diversity in love and struggle of many women who, like Elisa and Marcela, want to be free to love those they love.

We have also wanted to denounce toxic behaviors and widespread and commonly accepted myths about love, which we could actually call romantic love behaviors, which many people have internalized as the only possible form of relationship and, nevertheless, ends up being the most painful

With all this, the Student House and the Delegation of Students we wish you a happy Valentine full of sincere, real, conscious, reviewed and critical love.

Welcome Day ESN València UPV

Welcome Day ESN València UPV

Today, Thursday, January 31st, the Student House Recreation has hosted the Welcome Day in which the ESN Valencia association UPV has welcomed the exchange students who have chosen the Universitat Politècnica de València for their stay abroad during the second semester.

In this event the students have been able to enjoy a relaxed and suitable morning to start new friendships and learn about all the activities and services offered by ESN. In addition, the welcome has ended with a paella ration for the attendees.

ESN Valencia UPV is an association formed by UPV students who work on a voluntary basis to offer international students both support and help during their stay in Valencia as well as leisure and cultural activities.

If you want to know more about ESN Valencia we leave you the links to its website and its social networks.

Website: https://www.esnvalenciaupv.es

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESNValenciaUPV (Erasmus Student Network Valencia UPV)