Without plastic in the UPV

Unidad de Medio Ambiente

The Universitat Politècnica de València public institution committed to the environment, that proposes minimise the huge number of waste generated, with the support of coffee shops.

The measures proposed by the Environment Unit of the UPV consist in reducing the use of plastics in university menus, because plastic releases a large amounts of toxins in the environment. Due to that fact, it takes too long to decompose and it’s the cause of several hazardous and ecologically damaging effects.

From the Student Recreation Center, we want to give our support to this environment improvement initiative, sice recycling is a good option to reduce plastic pollution on Earth, but honestly that is neither sufficient nor sustainable.

Check the measures taken in the catering establishments of the UPV here.

Imagen planeta de Iberdrola
“Plastics have become a problem for the planet and it is in our hands to reverse this situation.”