Manos Unidas exhibition “Stopping Inequality is in your hands”.

“Inequality has become the greatest global threat and challenge. For many people, to think of inequality and hunger is to think of an impossible challenge, a problem with no solution to which nothing can be done”.

From Manos Unidas, they want to turn this idea around to banish it from our minds and leave the solution in the hands of each one of us. Because when we talk about helping, we all use a common element, our hands, a very powerful and powerful element, both physically and metaphorically, which is the main symbol and essence of our organisation. That is why, with the slogan and the image of this Campaign (“Stopping inequality is in your hands”), they call on society to fight for dignity and promote a world where we are all worth the same and no one is left behind.

European HIV testing week 2023

Promoted by the AVACOS association, on tuesday 24 of November a day will be organised at the Student Recreation Centre, where free HIV rapid tests will be carried out and information will be provided on the European HIV testing week, aimed at the prevention and promotion of early diagnosis of HIV in young people and informing them about healthier lifestyles.



Make an appointment for a rapid HIV test here

IAESTE VLC 2023 Business Day

The IAESTE VLC 2023 Business Day, organised by the IAESTE students association, has been held today. It is an event where different companies will be able to present their work among us, thus serving IAESTE as a link not only with foreign internship students but also with future Valencian professionals. In addition, during the IAESTE 2023 Business Day, different activities will be combined throughout the day to make the event an enjoyable day that brings the world of work closer to our members.

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(Español) 20 aniversario CREUP

The Coordinadora de Representantes de Estudiantes de Universidades Públicas (CREUP) is the state association representing more than 1,000,000 students.
Currently formed by 36 public universities and constantly growing, 20 years raising the voice of the student body to the competent bodies in higher education both nationally and internationally.

Dinner on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of CREUP, as well as the celebration of the LXXIII General Assembly.

Conference “Accompanying the Ph.D. student – what do they need?”

From the Integral Plan for Student Accompaniment (PIAE+) and the Doctoral School together with the ICE, a conference was organized for UPV doctoral students, at the request of the delegation of doctoral students.

The working session how to accompany our doctoral students and encourage their participation in the UPV? by Eloïna García (ICE Senior Technician) and Marina Alonso (PIAE+ coordinator) was held on April 8 from 16.00 to 18.00 hours in the XIMO MORA ROOM (FIRST FLOOR STUDENT RECREATION CENTRE).

Blood Donor Day UPV 2021

Agradecimiento comunidad universitaria

On Wednesday November 17, as in previous years, the UPV and the Valencian Community Transfusion Center invite the entire university community to participate in donating blood.

There will be the participation of students from the UPV Volunteer Exchange who will inform about the importance of donating blood to their colleagues, and will resolve any doubts that may arise during the day.

Donation hours will be from 09:00 to 20:30 hours, on the ground floor of the Casa del Alumno.

Noticia UPV

Become a volunteer for the promotion of the UPV Blood Donor Day.

Sign up for the volunteer bag of the Vice-Rector’s Office for Art, Science, Technology and Society.

Voluntariado UPV

If you are already registered, you just have to sign up for this volunteer program.

A skills workshop is planned to carry out the promotion.

The day and date will be reported shortly

XVIII Tournament of Debate UPV

During the days 28, 29 and 30 September celebrated the XVIII Tournament of Debate of the UPV respectively. In this edition, the orators and the orators debated successfully, around the following thematic: Forms of government

If you have remained you with you win them to participate do not doubt in asking information to the group of debate of the UPV, will be able to receive formation and councils of experts in oratory of different professional fields.

Página web del Club de Debate UPV (Click aquí)

Facebook: Debat UPV

Twitter: @DebatUPV

Instagram: @debat_upv



Of the day 26 to 27 February will take place the VI Tournament of debate UPV. To adapt better to the linguistic plurality of the students of the university, the same tournament will take place in valency and in Spanish.

In this event will participate squads formed by students of the UPV, that will confront following a model “Champions” to debate both postures.
In the tournament will participate 12 squads from among 2 and 4 students each one.

Winners: Inés Barat y Aitana Francés



Workshop Makers-UPV: 8-Bit Mix Tape

The workshop held on December 2 and 16 was taught by students who are members of MakersUPV and was of free assistance for the whole university community.

It was about 8-Bit Mixtape which is a very simple sound generator built around the Arduino-compatible ATtiny microcontroller.

After soldering a few components, it was possible to start programming different sounds and melodies.

The workshop was held in the Student House and MakersUPV provided all the necessary material for the realization of it.