Exposition “El Salvador”

The exposure develops from photographs and audiovisual pills, in which 6 protagonists show us through his vivencias personal, the different problematic in which it is sumido the country like the violence of gender, the political violence or the fault of use.

The last technology also is present in the exposure. An experience 360 allows us approach us of form vivencial to the activities of CESAL and to the profits that generates on the young population in The Saviour.

🔸  Ilustrísima Sra. MARÍA CONSUELO ANGULO LUNA – General director of International Cooperation to the Development of the Generalitat

🔸  Ilustrísima Sra. MARÍA BELÉN CARDONA RUBERT – Autonomic Secretary of Cooperation and Democratic Quality

Rosa Puchades Pla – Vice-chancellor of Social Responsibility and Cooperation UPV

Alberto Pla – Photographer (author of the expo)

José Fernandez Crespo – Director of External Relations of  CESAL (NGO)
Cristina Celda – Director of the Foundation Mainel

Thanks to the collaboration of Mainel y Cesal.


Photos 27 February  2020