Workshop “Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections”

Location: House of the Student, Graduate Hall ITaller_prevención_VIH-UPV_spa
Day: Wednesday November 18
Time: 12:00

Do you have questions about sexuality and possible infections?
ITS A medical expert answer all your questions

Do not cut yourself!

Do you know sexually transmitted infections? Do you know how they might affect you and your partner?
Avoid it by attending the workshop

What about the workshop?
Dynamic to understand what type of infection exist workshop, which treatments are applied, and most importantly its consequences.

In the last 8 years the young up to 25 years lose their fear of contracting these diseases and do not use protection.
The main objective is to avoid that misinformation.
That is why we are going to solve all your questions without taboo words, with the collaboration of professionals will tell you things to improve to prevent these infections.