Events of the Center for Development Cooperation

From Monday 22 to May 26, you will be able to see in the lobby of the first floor of the Student’s Recreation Center the poster exhibition and the photographic exhibition “Snapshots of cooperation” by students of the UPV who enjoyed the scholarship Which was offered by the Center for Development Cooperation.

In addition, on May 26 the CDC organizes in the Student House the annual meeting of projects and practices of development cooperation where scholarship students can tell their experience among other activities.

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XIII Contest of Photography and Painting | Jury’s Decision

From May 23 to June 16, 2017, they will be exhibited in the hall of the ground floor of the Student’s Recreation Center, the works selected and rewarded in the XIII Contest of Painting and Photography.


First Award

Marta Ginestar Ferrer, by 'Identity'

María Ginestar Ferrer, by “Identity”


Second Award

Bárbara Martínez Biot, by 'Encontres IV'

Bárbara Martínez Biot, by “Encontres IV”


Selected Paintings

Pablo Mateo Folgado, by 'Abraxas'Pablo Mateo Folgado, by 'Abraxas'Sandra Vega Marzá, by 'En linea'Diana Lázaro Martínez, by 'Refugio del sol'Iván Chillarón Camacho, by 'Se tú mientras yo intentaré saber quién eres'Juan Antonio Del Campo Cebria, by 'Economía para buitres'Gema Fogués Garrigues, by '20611AG'María del Carmen Gimeno Casas, by 'Pared de un estudio'Miguel Navarro Rodríguez, by '2017 Carpe diem'Carlos Pesudo Martínez, by 'Este no es mi cuarto'Gema Quiles Benedito, by 'Ovejas'Tania Sevillano Jiménez, by 'Esa no es mi casa'



First Award

Camilo Tomás Cardona, by 'Dos tonos'

Camilo Tomás Cardona, by “Dos tonos”


Second Award

Jorge Parra Gómez, by 'Árbol digital'

Jorge Parra Gómez, by “Árbol digital”


Honorable mention

Ana Albert Cuenca, by 'Monocromatismo y luz'Ana Albert Cuenca, by 'Monocromatismo y luz'

Ana Albert Cuenca, by “Monocromatismo y luz”



Selected Paintings

Camilo Tomás Cardona, by 'Dos tonos'Alina Vélez Nadolu, by 'El eco nocturno'Alina Vélez Nadolu, by 'El eco nocturno'Laura Sánchez Salom, by 'Instantes inesperados'Laura Sánchez Salom, by 'Instantes inesperados'Chao-Yang Lee, by 'Diálogos'Chao-Yang Lee, by 'Diálogos'Mar Cubertorer Navarro, by 'Naixen primaveres'Mar Cubertorer Navarro, by 'Naixen primaveres'Jorge Parra Gómez, by ' LED´S'Gonzalo Collantes Pablo, by 'Street life'Gonzalo Collantes Pablo, by 'Street life'
Rubén Olmeda Moret, by 'En hormigón'Rubén Olmeda Moret, by 'En hormigón'Cynthia Collantes Pablo, by 'Bajo azules'Cynthia Collantes Pablo, by 'Bajo azules'Borja García Pascual, by 'Pequeños mundos'Borja García Pascual, by 'Pequeños mundos'Vanesa Piqueras Urban, by 'Lo eterno vive en lo efímero'Vanesa Piqueras Urban, by 'Lo eterno vive en lo efímero'Lucía de las Mercedes Cárceles Grau, by 'Doble piel'Lucía de las Mercedes Cárceles Grau, by 'Doble piel'Mario Berbel Bueno, by 'Luces Nocturna'Mario Berbel Bueno, by 'Luces Nocturna'Pablo Valiente Ausina, by 'Jardín sin palabras'Laura Donges Moral, by 'Contrastes'Laura Donges Moral, by 'Contrastes'Miguel Alexandre Corell Tronchoni, by 'Contemplación'Miguel Alexandre Corell Tronchoni, by 'Invocación'



First Award

Chao-Yang Lee. First award

Chao-Yang Lee

Exhibition of Public Tactics

Mau Monleón with his students bring us from the subject Tactics of intervention of public art an exhibition from May 16 to May 26 in the lobby of the second floor.

The exhibition deals with issues such as identity, new urban spaces, the mandates of heterotopic genres that are provoking globalization or censored homosexuality.

Exposición Tácticas Públicas